The Institute of Physics releases Welsh election manifesto

25 April 2016

The Institute of Physics has released a manifesto which highlights the most important issues facing physics in Wales, which the next Assembly government should address.

The next Welsh government should:

  • Provide financial incentives to support PGCE students that are at least as attractive as those offered in England
  • Ensure that Welsh schools are able to offer salaries high enough to make them at least as attractive to new teachers as English schools.
  • Commit to continue and expand opportunities for CPD support for those teaching physics in Wales
  • Maintain the principle of the sciences as separate subjects in their own right under the new curriculum for Wales
  • Ensure that students are made fully aware of the impact of their choices in science education in schools, and that good information is provided to all relevant stakeholders
  • Commit to protect the HEFCW budget for research in real terms, and give universities the freedom to use such funding in line with their own research strategies
  • Commit to an allocation of funding in HEFCW's financial settlement to sustain the teaching of STEM courses in Wales

See more details on the publication (as well as a Welsh-language version). If you would like to receive a hard copy of the report please contact David Cunnah on

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