Do try this at home! – Dylech wneud hyn gartre!

This is a set of colourful postcards that explore simple but exciting physics experiments.

Marvin and Milo try out a new experiment every month. Catch up with what they’re doing and discover the pick of physics on the web at

Mae Marvin a Milo yn rhoi cynnig ar arbrawf newydd bob mis. Gallwch weld beth maen nhw’n ei wneud a chael gwybodaeth ddiddorol am ffiseg ar y we ar

To order a set of Marvin and Milo postcards email

Some of these experiments are available in Welsh and are downloadable below. For higher resolution versions of the images please contact

Mae rhai o’r arbrofion ar gael yn y Gymraeg a gellir ei llawrlwytho isod. Am fersiynau cydraniad uchel e-bostiwch

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